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What are the benefits of a wind turbine?

• Minimal impact on existing farming systems
• Reduces your carbon footprint
• ADAS can wholly fund the scheme at no cost to you
• Qualifies for the Government’s 20-year Feed-in Tariff
• Contributes to securing the UK’s future energy supply


Initial site requirements

• Wind speed of 6m/s+
• 3-phase electricity supply to the farm
• Good site access
• Away from designated sites e.g. National Parks, AONBs and SSSis


Are you worried about the cost of a wind turbine?

If you are, REsolved Renewables can help. We can provide a cost free site assessment, feasibility study, planning permission and installation in exchange for a small area of land to site the turbine. In return the landowner can earn between £5,000 - £50,000 per year for 20 years.

Would you like to invest in a wind turbine for your business?

REsolved Renewables has experience in acting as a consultant for private clients at all stages of the process. This includes site assessments, feasibility studies, planning permission, installation and maintenance. To obtain a quote please contact us.


Our offer

REsolved Renewables is looking for sites to install single 500kw turbines in rural areas around Great Britain at no cost to the landowner. On successful sites, we will purchase, install and maintain the turbine. The landowner will receive 10% per annum of the gross revenue, index-linked, for 20 years.
Wind farms and smaller turbine schemes are also available, please contact us for more detailed information.

Need help? Call 01623 848 359 for expert advice

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